We have complete Solution for your Business.

1. Accounting Software for Services Business.
2. Accounting & Stock Software for Distribution Business.
3. Point of Sales for Retail Business.
4. Software for Educational Institutions.
5. Software for Non Profit Organizations.
6. Software for Warehouse Management.

Key Features & Reports:

Available on Cloud for easy access from all over the world any time.
Chart of Accounts consist of 4 Levels.
Chart of Inventory consist of 3 Levels.
Complete Control of Users Operational Rights.
Manage Multiple Companies in Real-Time.
Receipt Vouchers. (Double-entry system integrated with Customer Controls)
Payment Voucher. (Double-entry system integrated with Vendor Controls)
Journal Voucher. (Compound entries to record your journal entries and adjustments in real-time)
Purchase Invoice. (Integrated with Inventory Module to update Inventory in real-time)
Sales Invoice. (Integrated with Inventory Module to update Inventory in real-time)
Accounts Ledger (Detailed Ledgers of all Accounts with drill down feature to open vouchers on double click)
Control Account Report. (Accounts Summary Report on Control Account Level to check the status at glance)
Trial Balance (Trial Balance Report with drill down to open Ledger reports on double click)
Sales Report (Sales Report Invoice-wise, Stock-wise & Customer-wise)
Purchase Report. (Purchase Report Invoice-wise, Stock-wise & Vendor-wise)
Multiple Inventory Reports (Quantity & Valuation Reports)
Profit & Loss Account (Detailed Income & Expense with Cost of Sales)
Balance Sheet (Detailed Assets, Liabilities & Equity Balances)
Customized Reports are also available as per clients requirement.
All Reports can be imported in Excel & PDF to email or WhatsApp.